PHILOSOPHY Ultimate Miracle Worker Serum-in-Pearl Mask 25ml / 0.85 fl oz NIB


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philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker 
Serum-in-Pearl Mask 

An instant anti-aging pearl mask.

An instant pick-me-up, this philosophy ultimate miracle worker serum-in-pearl mask combines the instant rejuvenation of a mask with a serum. The pearl delivery system encapsulates apricot oil and hyaluronic acid, kept fresh for each application, while the moisturizing gel features a breakthrough formula. The gentle cotton pouches ensure an even application for an extraordinary mask experience.

How do I use it: Apply at night three times a week to clean dry face, replacing your nighttime moisturizer, or apply any time your skin needs an instant pick-me-up. Avoid contact with eyes.

Insert one scoop of pearls (about 10) into a single-use pouch and close the drawstring. Holding the pouch to your face, apply pressure to release the serum in the pearls. Massage into face evenly and do not rinse. Clean spatula after each use.

The jar contains 12 pouches and 1 spatula. 

25ml / 0.85 fl oz 


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